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About KBDC

Each remodeling project is focused on the goals and objectives of the homeowner so that every design is as unique as the individuals who live there.  Our in-depth analysis, attention to detail, thorough evaluation of site conditions & addressing of your design dilemmas are what sets Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction

apart from our competitors.

Contemporary Kitchen Double Kitchen Islands

Our Process

Dark painted kitchen island cabinets with white quartz top



Utilizing a time-tested system for gathering important information about your renovation project, an initial conversation will include a deep dive into the use of the space and scope of the job.  Based on your input, a follow-up conversation may be scheduled to include all parties involved in the decision making process.  Photos or videos of the space are encouraged. The scheduling of a home consult may follow.

Limestone Shower Tile and Fixtures

Home Consult & Budget Analysis

Our process begins with the scheduling of a FEE-BASED home consultation where your design specialist will survey existing structural and mechanical systems.  Measurements, photographs, and a preliminary discussion of material options, budgetary considerations, and scheduling will take place.  The home consult is step one for qualified prospectsfollowed by a budget analysis meeting and a more detailed discussion of how you can gain the most from your remodeling investment. There is a fee associated with this detailed two-part assessment, which may lead to the signing of a retainer agreement.

The Retainer

To proceed with the design phase, a retainer agreement equal to 10% of the low end of the agreed-upon budget is signed. This will enable your design specialist to further develop design and cost options based on your objectives and financial plan.  Both the retainer and the home consult fee are credited toward the cost of your project.

Marble Floral Shower Wall Tile

Contract & Construction

The final step in bringing your project to life is the signing of a contract which will include all drawings, material specifications, and labor descriptions. Congratulations!  Your project will be entered into our master schedule, materials ordered, and labor reserved.  Your project will shift to the Project Management side of KBDC where its progress will be supervised from beginning to beautiful end!  With KBDC, “it all falls into place…”

Open Kitchen Shelving and Wine Bottles

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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