Our Process Begins With An In Depth Discussion with a KBDC Designer

We utilize a time-tested system of gathering information on your project.  When you call to speak with one of our designers, they will introduce you to our company and ask a series of detailed questions focused on your project, goals and objectives.  Based upon your input to these, a follow-up appointment may be scheduled via Zoom or other virtual means, where you are asked to share pictures or videos of your space for a more in depth conversation with all parties involved in the project. These initial discussions may then lead you to the next step, which is scheduling a home consult. The home consultation will allow your design specialist an opportunity to view the space and the balance of the home first hand.

Following the Phone Interview is a Home Consult

At the conclusion of our initial phone and/or video conversations, a fee-based home consultation with the designer may be scheduled. This is the vital FIRST STEP of beginning any project with KBDC.  The home consult allows your design specialist to survey existing structural and mechanical systems, take measurements, photographs and begin to discuss preliminary material options along with budgetary and scheduling issues.  This is a two-part process with a follow-up budget analysis meeting for a more detailed discussion of cost options and how you can gain the most from your remodeling investment.

Next Step, The Budget Analysis Meeting

Following the home consultation, your KBDC design specialist will schedule a time with you to discuss cost options and how you can gain the most from your remodeling investment. Your designer will create preliminary solutions utilizing 3-D software, recommend a palette of material choices, and provide a detailed budget based on these selections.  This in-depth analysis is what sets Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction apart from our competitors.  Attention to detail, a thorough evaluation of site conditions and creative design options are our hallmark. 

Signing The Retainer

Following the budget analysis and your decision to proceed on the project with Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction, you will sign a retainer agreement, (equal to 10% of the low end of the agreed-upon budget), and your design specialist will further develop design and cost options based upon your objectives and financial plan. Working collaboratively with your designer, layout options and material selections will be explored, while the benefits or potential drawbacks of these choices will be discussed to help determine which choices will work best in your project.  Cost options will be explored to maximize your budget and final drawings developed which will include floor plan, elevations, electrical/plumbing, and construction plans.

The Final Stretch: Contract and Construction

Upon your acceptance of the final drawings, a contract is prepared which will include all drawings, material specifications and description of the labor associated with your project.  Congratulations!  Once the contract has been signed your project is entered into our master schedule and materials will be ordered, labor reserved and your project will shift to the Project Management side of KBDC.  With frequent input and consultation with your designer, our Project Management staff will supervise the flow of the project and oversee its progress from beginning to beautiful end.  With KBDC, it all falls into place.

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