• Lorey Cavanaugh

Your Organized Kitchen: A Gallery of Options

With the start of a new year comes the start of new resolutions; get fit, eat better, get organized. Since this is not only the start of a new year but of a new decade, why not up the game and “Marie Kondo” your kitchen, keeping only that which sparks joy?

Some things are simple, empty all drawers and cabinets of expired spices, expired canned and boxed foods, donate duplicates or underused gadgets, recycle or toss cracked plastic storage containers, container without lids (or lids without containers, lol), then clean your cabinets inside and out.

Now that you have pared down items, it’s time to corral them and keep like items with like: baking supplies together, plastic wraps, foils, and baggies, etc. There are so many items on the market to help us keep organized.

Today we’re sharing a gallery of kitchen storage options from recent projects, and while these components were designed into the overall layout to meet client's specific needs and wants, there are many options out there that can be added to existing kitchen drawers and cupboards that are reasonably priced and help create order out of chaos.

Image 1: The popularity of open shelving shows no signs of easing. These are playful spots for specialty dishware, plates, cups or display items, but do keep them neat with a specific purpose, otherwise, they may begin to look cluttered.

Image 2: Storing everyday drink and dishware in deep drawers with a pegboard system is another option for keeping these items at the ready, neatly tucked away.

Image 3: Dry goods, oils, cans, and jars are perfect candidates for storing in a tall pullout pantry as seen here tucked between the wall and frig.

Image 4: Another great organizer: wooden drawer inserts. These can keep everything from cutlery to measuring spoons neatly arranged.

Image 5: Tray dividers can keep cutting boards, cookie trays, and other bakeware organized whether in a base cabinet as seen here, or a cabinet over the stove or refrigerator.

Image 6: Drawer inserts for spices or vitamins are another great way to keep items organized and out of sight.

Enjoy! We hope these get your creative juices flowing :-) Let us know your organizing goals in the comments below.


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