• Lorey Cavanaugh

What's Cooking? The Latest in Kitchen Appliances

We used this Thermador gas range with cobalt blue knobs to provide a high-end, personalized look in this kitchen.

The trend of incorporating commercial grade appliances into residential kitchens is one that we can get behind. Some people may simply be after the luxurious aesthetic that commercial grade appliances exude, while others may have serious cooking plans in mind that wouldn’t be possible with standard appliances. Either way, more and more consumers are looking for high performance machines that are impressive in design and offer tech features to make life in the kitchen easier.

Versatility and convenience are coveted characteristics of some of these commercial grade appliances. For instance, a gas range with built in griddle allows you to cook certain foods like pancakes or French toast without using a pan. Consumers are drawn to this added convenience. Double ovens, or a range with two ovens, are convenient for complicated meals where different foods need to be cooked at different temperatures.

This display at KBIS 2019 featured a commercial grade gas range with built-in griddle, plus separate ovens.

Technology integration is also a large draw. Kitchens continue to evolve and technology is becoming more important to the average consumer. Bluetooth connectivity for remote control of cooking appliances, smart refrigerators with touchscreens containing various apps, and ranges that automatically adjust temperature settings based on what is cooking are all on the rise in popularity.

Personalization is something that many homeowners desire in their kitchens. If you are a big entertainer, it might make sense for you to upgrade your basic range to a commercial grade range coupled with warming drawers to make cooking for a crowd easier. For a busy family short on time, a Wolf speed oven might do the trick. One’s personal style can also be expressed through appliances that come in all different finishes and colors, with endless design options for a personalized touch.

KBIS 2019 also featured multiple displays that showcased fun, colorful appliances. Check out these Zline ranges!

Luxury and commercial grade appliances are becoming increasingly popular due to these high-end features that standard models do not share. What’s your take on this hot trend? Would you upgrade to more luxurious appliances or stick with the simpler, standard options? Comment below and share with your friends for their opinion.


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