• Lorey Cavanaugh

We're Making Progress

There are many stages to a home renovation, and one of the best parts is when things start to take shape and come together. The master bathroom remodel we’ve been sharing here in our blog, is at the point where you can see how it will all come together. Demo has ended, plumbing and electrical work is nearly complete, framing is up, and we are really starting to see the progress.

After tearing out the subfloor during demo, a brand new plywood subfloor has been set in place. What a difference already. The walls for the laundry room, shower, and toilet area have been framed and one can see how the space will be divided. New duct work for the shower fan has been added and the old ducting has been removed. Our electrician was at the job site Friday running wires for new lighting and cleaning up what was existing. Our plumber was also at the job site laying down the waterproof liner for the shower floor.

As for the toilet drain issue discussed in the previous blog, we will use a thin sheet rock for the wall and the toilet drain will be 3 inches off-center (due to a floor joist in the way right up against the pipe). We’ve also added new metal framing against the brick chimney.

The KBDC staff is excited to see this renovation continue to take shape. We cannot wait to see the end result of all of our planning. Keep an eye out for more updates soon.

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