• Lorey Cavanaugh

Turning Point: Classic Master Bathroom Remodel

This past week we have seen some exciting improvements at our classic master bathroom remodel! To refresh your memory, we are renovating a master bathroom in an adorable 1930s English cottage style home. It hasn’t been touched since the 80s when it was transformed from a bedroom to a bathroom and was in need of a complete overhaul. The space is very large, which allowed us to section off a laundry room, and reconfigure the layout completely. We encourage you to take a peek at our blogs from earlier this month that include before pictures and pictures of the demolition.

The room now looks completely different. With the framing and drywall up, you are able to see the new layout. The laundry room is located right off of the hallway and is also connected to the bathroom. The two sinks have been relocated to the corners of the room, and the base cabinets have been installed. In between the sinks will be a long bench. The shower is large, and will have a bench and niche for soaps.

While taking a look around, our project manager, Stephanie, noticed some water spots on the subfloor. She immediately jumped into action and went to the attic to see where the water was coming from. There was indeed a small puddle of water in the attic that had been slowly dripping above the area where she noticed the water. Due to strong storms and torrential downpours the previous night, it looks like a small amount of rain water got into the attic and leaked down the wall into the bathroom. Thankfully a minor issue, this can be easily taken care of. You really never know what you’re going to encounter at a site visit! The next step of the renovation process is to install tile. Tile preparation is currently underway as our contractor is laying mud throughout the bathroom for the tile to sit on. This feels like a turning point in our project, the room is really looking different! Don’t miss more updates and the after pictures in the coming weeks!

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