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Top 10 Kitchen Planning Guidelines

A successful kitchen design creates an equally functional and beautiful place in which to cook, gather and live. Working with a professional designer when developing the kitchen of your dreams will not only help in designing the aesthetics of the space but will also ensure that required codes and clearances are met and that the space functions to its full potential.

From organizational features to task lighting, there are many critical elements to a beautiful and functional kitchen.

Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction has designed kitchens of many different styles and sizes including those with unique spatial and aesthetic challenges to overcome. Take a peek at our Top 10 Kitchen Planning Guidelines and some of our greatest transformations below.

Working with a professional kitchen designer will ensure that your kitchen is functional, beautiful and adheres to required codes and clearances.

Top 10 Kitchen Planning Guidelines

1. Minimum 42” clearance between working countertop spaces & around an island

2. 36” minimum clearance for kitchen aisles – walk through where no one is standing to work

3. Ventilation appropriately sized to the cooking surface output. Make-up air system as required by code

4. Task lighting at all work tops preferably under cabinet lights. Zoned lighting on dimmers – task, ambient, decorative

5. Cabinets to provide storage appropriate & specific to each work center, e.g. cooking center to include specific storage for pots/lids, utensils, pot holders, spices, etc.

6. Incorporating universal design principals when possible, e.g. cabinet hardware that is appropriate for all levels of dexterity

7. Incorporating space & appropriate storage requirements for all activities that might take place in the kitchen

8. Selecting materials appropriate to the life stage & life style of the occupants

9. Balancing on-trend vs. timeless design aesthetics

10. Providing work spaces for multiple “chefs” with differing physical attributes

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Contemporary Kitchen Before Contemporary Kitchen After

Nature Inspired Kitchen Before Nature Inspired Kitchen After

White & Blue Kitchen Before White & Blue Kitchen After

Contrasting Kitchen Before Contrasting Kitchen After


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