• Lorey Cavanaugh

Tile Installation at Classic Master Bathroom Remodel

Tile is finally being laid at our classic master bathroom remodel. This is such an exciting stage of the renovation! The homeowners have chosen a 12 x 24 porcelain tile for the shower walls, and the same porcelain tile, but in a 12 x 12, for the bathroom floor. The shower floor will be a gorgeous, basketweave marble which will go in a wall niche as well.

When tackling a renovation, unexpected problems and decisions can arise that need to be addressed regarding various aspects of the project. With strong project management skills, our team at KBDC is able to successfully solve issues without major frustration. We ran into such an issue on this project with the layout of the tile for the floor. As mentioned, the client selected a 12 x 12 size for the bathroom floor to be set in a diagonal pattern. With the bathroom being reconfigured into a more usable space (toilet alcove, vanity/shower area, laundry area), laying out the pattern was a little tricky. No matter how exact our designers draw the tile layout on plans, it’s still a little different once you see the tile in person and really understand what you are working with. To avoid making any mistakes, it is important to determine the layout first by drawing it out on the subfloor and double checking that the pattern looks correct. In our original plan, we were going to have to cut small pieces of tile to go along the shower/laundry room wall, with the tile being centered down the middle of the room. However, by shifting the tile over towards the window wall slightly, and making the cut pieces along the shower wall larger (now exactly ½ of a tile), the layout works better and we are avoiding having to cut and use such small pieces.

With the final layout officially determined, it’s now time to get to work. The shower wall tile will be set in a staggered, subway pattern. With the same tile on the shower walls and bathroom floor, but set in a different pattern, the space will look cohesive. The marble basketweave to be used on the shower floor and in the wall niche will be truly stunning. Look for the next update which will show the counter tops and completed installation, definitely some of the biggest steps in this renovation!

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