• Lorey Cavanaugh

Step by Step: The KBDC Design Process

Our showroom features several displays to help you visualize your new space, as well as a conference room for design meetings.

Often times, clients come to KBDC desiring a new kitchen or bathroom, but are unaware of all the design, planning and logistics that go into creating their new space – that is where we step in. Our design process is highly detailed and thorough, ensuring that each project is unique, functional and exquisite.

Step 1 - Meet & Greet

The very first step of our design process is a “Meet & Greet” here in the showroom. Here you will meet with one of our design specialists and learn more about our company. We encourage you to bring in photos of your space so we can provide basic preliminary feedback. Discussing your wants versus needs, motivating factors to renovate, your budget, and the time frame of the project can help us get a better sense of what you’re looking for and if KBDC is the right fit.

A home consultation allows your designer to document your existing space and get a better idea of what work may need to be done.

Step 2- Home Consultation

This is a fee based visit where your designer can measure, take photographs, and survey your home for any structural or mechanical issues we may run into.

Step 3- Budget Analysis

Following the in home consultation, your designer will schedule a time to have you back in our showroom to discuss cost options, show preliminary design ideas utilizing 3-D software, explore material options, and create a preliminary budget. This in-depth analysis is what sets Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction apart from our competitors.

Step 3- Signing the Retainer

Following the budget analysis and your decision to proceed on the project with Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction, you will sign a retainer agreement, (equal to 10% of the low end of the agreed upon budget), and your design specialist will further develop design and cost options based upon your objectives and financial plan. Working collaboratively with your designer, layout options and material selections will be explored more in-depth. Final drawings developed which will include floor plan, elevations, electrical/plumbing and construction plans. Final drawings are drafted using AutoCAD, and final 3-D renderings will be created utilizing Sketchup software.

Our designers use AutoCAD and 3-D design software like Sketchup to design your space.

Step 4- Contract & Construction

Upon your acceptance of the final drawings, a contract is prepared which will include all drawings, material specifications and description of the labor associated with your project. Congratulations! Once the contract has been signed your project is entered into our master schedule and materials will be ordered, labor reserved and your project will shift to the Project Management side of KBDC. Before your project begins, a job site binder will be created that includes contact information, specifications, and drawings. This binder stays on site to help answer any questions in the field.

Job site binders contain specifications and drawings (like this one shown) to help answer questions in the field.

As you can tell, a lot of hard work goes into the design process for each project we tackle. This detailed and thorough approach ensures that your project is not only beautiful and functional, but installed accurately as well.


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