• Lorey Cavanaugh

Sink & Faucet Trends for 2019

Be on the look out for some new twists on the classic farmhouse sink.

Arguably the most essential part of a kitchen, the sink and faucet are hardworking fixtures with a tall order to fill. They are not only essential in food preparation and clean-up, but can also act as a main focal point of the space and provide an opportunity to make a subtle or bold design statement depending on your taste. Consumers look for function as well as aesthetics when it comes to selecting a faucet, and it can get overwhelming with all of the choices and styles to pick from. Although simple, contemporary style sinks and faucets tend to be most popular these days, there are a few upcoming trends to look out for.

  • Farmhouse Sink with a Twist- The trusty farmhouse sink has been redesigned with modern flair. A variety of materials such as quartz, fire clay, copper and stainless steel are being used to fashion farmhouse sinks, making the apron front really stand out. Functionally, farmhouse sinks are so popular due to their deep, roomy basin which is helpful in tackling any kitchen clean-up.

  • Statement Sinks & Faucets- Incorporating unexpected materials or colors into the sink and faucet is a safer choice for a homeowner who is afraid of making a statement on a larger scale in their kitchen. Concrete sinks are especially popular since they maintain the same color palette as the typical stainless steel sink but offer a unique texture. Matte black faucets and fixtures are an unexpected color choice yet remain neutral.

  • Spacious, Single Bowl Sinks- Consumers are ditching the classic double bowl sinks and are opting for larger single bowl sinks instead that can range from 30-34”. These sinks are deep enough to fill or soak multiple large pots and pans without making a mess. Perhaps a wise decision for someone who often cooks large meals.

  • Functional Add-ons- One downside of the new, larger sinks is that valuable countertop space is lost. Built in sink accessories like cutting boards and colanders are helping make up for this loss. A pull-down sprayer is also increasingly popular for the control it provides in washing dishes. Foot activation plates installed into the toe space of the cabinet allow the user to turn the faucet on with the tap of a foot which is especially helpful while carrying heavy pots and pans.


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