• Lorey Cavanaugh

Remodeling? Choose Design-Build: 4 Valuable Facts You Need to Know

The scenario: You have been in your home for some time and have lived with its many idiosyncrasies, poor kitchen layout, aging materials and dated cabinetry. Now, even the 20+ year old oven has decided it wants out, and you’ve had enough-time to remodel! So who do you call, an Architect, Builder, General Contractor? There is a better option! You should call a Design-Build company specializing in kitchen (or bath, as the case may be) remodeling.

Many homeowners don’t know about design-build firms, or understand the value in hiring a design-build company for their remodeling project. The industry has also, quite frankly, not done a great job in educating the general public on what design-build means or the benefit of working with this type of firm. As the owner of the design-build firm, Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction, I am always happy to discuss what we do and the advantages associated with design-build.

Fact 1: The design-build model is a simple one; we are one stop shopping and handle everything involved with a remodeling project from initial design concept sketches to final installation drawings, ordering materials, pulling permits, managing subcontractors and final installation of the project. When working with a design-build firm, a kitchen or bath design specialist will assess the homeowner’s goals, wants, and needs, and develop a plan to reach these. The homeowner will work with the designer in choosing materials and making decisions with an eye to stay within budget. Before signing a final contract, the homeowner will know exactly what they will be getting and the final cost of the complete project. At Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction, we’ll even set up a temporary kitchen for our kitchen remodeling customers.

Fact 2: As a design-build firm, we collaborate with a team of skilled tradespeople to put each project together. We only work with, and schedule, subcontractors that we have an established relationship with. Because of this consistency in working with the same subs, they in turn have established relationships working with one another. We have eliminated any ‘turf’ wars, and can quickly quell any problems.

Fact 3: Our Project Manager works diligently to develop a time-line for every project, schedule our subcontractors, order materials, and handle the many day to day happenings of each job, taking the stress off of the homeowner.

Fact 4: There is a misconception that competitive bidding is the best way to choose a contractor, with too much emphasis placed on the “best” (read “lowest”) bid. The real value should not be based on lowest price but rather on who will better be able to maintain control of all aspects of the job, while also realizing the homeowner’s objectives within their given budget. A design-build company does just that. Because the entire project is managed by the same people from start to finish, there is consistency of design and experience in managing any unexpected challenges that arise. This single source responsibility often leads to a faster project completion. For the homeowner there is the comfort that they only need to deal with the design-build company. Should an issue arise, the Project Manager or firm owner is only a phone call away.

When contemplating your next home remodeling project, consult with a design-build firm in your area that specializes in the type of job you’re considering.

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