• Lorey Cavanaugh

Progress! Installing Beams and Countertops

The Kitchen:

Beams were successfully installed! Opening the dining room wall paid big dividends. The homeowner’s instinct was spot on with this. We finished up the mechanicals and the electrical was as rough as the plumbing. We found multiple burned junction boxes, another unsafe condition which would have been prevented with proper inspections. We passed our mechanical inspections on the first try and moved onto insulation, one more inspection and sheetrock.

The Master Bathroom:

Meanwhile the master bath is nearly finished, we’re

waiting for the custom shower door. After that we

complete plumbing, paint and we’re done. Because

of the narrow space we opted for a wall mount faucet

which still allows for a generous sink bowl even

though the counters are shallow depth. Fortunately

there's plenty of width on the vanity to spread out.

Coming Up:

This week the wood floor is being installed in the kitchen. We selected Bono HD, a water-based finish, for its superior environmental characteristics plus its durability. With dogs in the house, this product comes highly recommended. When putting new wood floors adjacent to existing its important the homeowner’s expectations are low. Because of the old growth versus new grown wood there will be variation in color and graining characteristics, particularly with a natural finish floor (no stain). The color variation can be obvious but over time the floors will mellow and the color variation will become less obvious.

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