• Lorey Cavanaugh

Painted Cabinets- Yay or Nay?

The beautiful, white painted kitchen cabinets that continue to be so very popular need to be carefully considered before selecting them for your home. Here are three interesting ideas to consider before deciding on painted cabinets.

Painted vs Stained- will painted cabinets hold up as well?

Paint by it's nature will not be as durable as a stained finish – stain penetrates the wood, paint essentially sits on top. Paint will show every fingerprint, scrape or scuff…and under normal use the cabinets will scrape, scuff, chip & abrade…particularly at often accessed cabinets…think of the waste container unit. If the paint is applied to a five piece wood door the paint runs the risk of cracking at the intersections of the door framing members. Cabinet manufacturers will not warranty against this eventuality.

Factory vs Local Shops

Wood is “living”. It continues to expand and contract through the seasonal changes in a home’s environment, e.g., heating season will dry out the home & all its building materials including your cabinets. The most durable painted finishes are factory applied under controlled environmental circumstances and include a catalyzed top coat to insure durability. Paint finishes done in local shops or painted in place are often not satisfactory over the long haul.

Personal Expectations & Lifestyle

The most important piece of this decision is to clearly understand your expectations around durability and to evaluate the actual use the cabinets will be subjected to. Armed with this information you will make the right choice for your project.

In the end, the choice is up to you and with careful consideration of these factors it is possible to make the wisest choice based on your needs and wants. We would love to know, are you a fan of painted cabinets?

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