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Kitchens of the Future

In a time of rapid technological advancement, kitchens are evolving into one of the most tech-savvy areas of the home. If you thought that the kitchen of the future was only focused around connection, you’ll be surprised to know that technology is quickly going beyond simple connectivity introducing artificial intelligence (AI) into kitchen appliances and more. Through AI, inanimate objects now have the capability to think, act and negotiate on their own becoming more interactive and adaptive. If you're curious to learn what the world of artificial intelligence might bring into your kitchen, read on:

1. Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators are becoming an integral part of the kitchen landscape. These appliances have the ability to make shopping lists based on how much food you have left in your fridge, place a grocery order through Amazon Fresh, allow you to listen to music or check the weather, not to mention a cookbook that's built right in!

2. Ovens

Move over basic oven timers, new technology can do all the cooking and baking calculations for you. Simply put food into a smart oven, and it will automatically adjust to cook it perfectly. All you have to do is take your food out and enjoy a perfectly prepared meal.

3. Smart Cooking Pans

Even the humble cooking pan is getting a serious upgrade. SmartyPans keeps track of nutritional values as you add food to it while you cook. Simply tell the pan what you’re putting in through voice commands, and it will not only help you cook through the pan’s connected app, but automatically calculate calories and other nutritional values which can then be directly relayed to a fitness tracker.

4. Dishwashers

Dishwashers too are able to choose the correct temperature, time, and water volume based on each unique load of dishes. These smart appliances can be controlled through an app on your phone or other device along with most other kitchen appliances.

While technological advancement for the sake of technology alone is a recipe for failure, the creators of these appliances are seeing new and advanced solutions that are not only changing the face of the appliance industry, but the food industry as well. Over the next few years these connected devices will be providing us with plenty of assistance, from grocery shopping to calorie counting, to helping minimize food waste. What’s your take on the tech savvy kitchen? Do you prefer the more traditional kitchen that focuses on hands-on experiences, or are you in favor of this new modern way that the kitchen can work for you?

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Slideshow images are courtesy of June Oven, Samsung, GE and Consumer Reports.

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