• Lorey Cavanaugh

Kitchen & Bath Design News Seminar Sparks Inspiration

Open concept is a movement that won't be going anywhere any time soon.

Last month our design team attended a Kitchen & Bath Design News seminar entitled “Inspiring Clients: The Very Latest Design, Product and Marketing Trends”. It was a busy day of learning and chatting with other professionals about the latest advances in kitchen and bath design. In the end, our team left feeling inspired and ready to tackle new projects.

Auxilliary spaces can come in many different forms. Check out this baking station loaded with storage and the option to hide away clutter with retractable doors.

The first half of the seminar was led by Richard Anuszkiewicz, Creative Director of Richar Living lifestyle brand, and one of the up and coming design stars of the next generation. He led a fun, interactive segment, “Movement vs Trend”, where the audience was able to cast their vote, either “Hot” or “Not”, on the latest design advances. Some trends examined were open floor plans, clean lines and profiles, auxiliary spaces, concealed and customized storage solutions, health and wellness, and home technology integration. More specifically, he discussed the use of mixed metal finishes, bold color, sleek and contemporary appliances, and unique, textured cabinet hardware.

New, innovative ways to use technology in design, as well as some clever marketing tips, were addressed in the second half of the seminar. This segment was led by Eric Schimelpfenig, an expert on cutting edge technology impacting the kitchen and bath design industry. Eric encouraged the use of 3D design software, such as Sketchup, when presenting design options to clients. Here at KBDC, we utilize SketchUp, along with AutoCAD, to help our clients visualize their space. He also suggested various ways to incorporate advanced technology in the design process, such as using large screens which project virtual designs at a life size scale so clients can experience their potential new space, or virtual reality headsets to mimic walking through the room.

Utilizing design technology, such as Sketchup, helps clients visualize their space. Design by Kate Yurgelun.

It was gratifying to hear from the experts that we are on point with the latest trends and are utilizing much of the current design technology available to aid in bringing our designs to life.

Our next blog post will explore a hot design trend that was discussed at this fascinating seminar, incorporating auxiliary spaces in kitchens and baths!


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