• Lorey Cavanaugh

Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction Has Moved: Kickin’ it in the Digital Age!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

With a new streamlined approach, our creative vision and superb customer service remains the same.

In case you happened to have driven by 13 Sedgwick Road in West Hartford lately, you may have noticed that we are not there. I want to let you know that Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction is alive and well and has relocated to a design studio. Over the last several years, I have noticed a change in the way consumers approach the remodeling process. They are sophisticated and informed. Many scour the internet looking at trends, investigating materials, ordering samples, developing their own look, and then bring their curated galleries with them on their phones or other mobile devices to design meetings. Exploring multiple design options has become computerized as well, with floor plans being able to be modified with the click of a button and emailed to the client rather than sitting at a conference table making changes on printed plans by hand. With so many advances and changes in technology over recent years, it increasingly felt to me that a brick and mortar showroom has become a thing of the past. To keep step with these changes, the KBDC design process has taken on a new methodology, embracing digital platforms and moving away from a retail showroom to a design studio model. This innovative, streamlined approach allows for greater flexibility and intimacy for both our design team and our clientele. Customers can be seen, uninterrupted, by appointment only in our new location, but we are encouraging online meetings using shared videos, Zoom or other technologies. I am excited by these changes and new way of doing business, I hope you will be too! Our creative vision, organized, step by step approach, and superb customer service remains the same. Give us a call today to discuss your remodeling project; we’d love to work with you! With KBDC, “it all falls into place…”


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