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Interior Design Trends for 2019

From brass fixtures and all-white everything, to faux greenery and smart appliances, we saw it all in 2018. Of course, a new year means many of last year’s trends won’t be sticking around with new design ideas and innovations taking center stage. Here’s what’s being predicted for 2019 in the kitchen and bath design industry.

2019 Color Trends

Neutrals will be warmer than in years past and experts say we will finally start to get away from all of the pale greys and off-whites with these colors featuring more complex undertones of browns and blues to provide warmth.

Bold rich hues along with nature inspired colors like deep greens, charcoals and navy will dominate. Pops of color like mustard yellow and shades of terracotta may be suitable for someone a bit more daring.

2019 Material Trends

Incorporating natural stone in various areas of design is a trend predicted to become more prevalent in residential interiors. Whether it’s exposed stone walls, stone back splashes, stone fireplace surrounds, or natural stone counter tops, designers are looking to incorporate stone in unique ways to add interest and texture.

Natural, pale wood tones will be used to balance out the pops of color we will begin to see this year, with the look of unfinished wood that was popular in 2018 persisting. Rift oak and walnut are forecast to rise in popularity due to their ability to support bolder hues.

Concrete is expected to become more popular throughout 2019 as a way to create a more organic ambiance. Keep an eye out for concrete countertops, vanity tops and floors.

2019 Kitchen Trends

Now the question you’ve been waiting for, will the white kitchen be going out of style anytime soon? If you’re one to appreciate simplicity and a crisp, clean look, you will be pleased to know that the white kitchen will retain its popularity, but may now be joined by jewel toned colors of deep green or indigo. Don’t be surprised to see pops of color in an all-white kitchen provided by hunter green or perhaps a navy blue island. Painted cabinetry paired with wooden cabinets will also continue to trend.

Smart appliances are set to become increasingly commonplace in today’s kitchens, and this popularity will continue to grow thanks to ultra-convenient features and greater capabilities. We are also seeing a shift in appliance finishes moving away from Stainless Steel toward Matte Black or Black Stainless finishes as a way to add subtle contrast to the kitchen.

For decades the kitchen has been seen as the heart of the home, and in 2019 this concept gets a whole new meaning. Kitchens will now be seen as the “hub” of the home where one can cook, eat, work and relax. The open concept kitchen isn’t going anywhere and will increasingly develop into a centralized space where families can come together and do just about everything in a singular, multipurpose area, and with more and more technological advancements in the kitchen, it will start to function as the “control center” of the home.

2019 Bathroom Trends

If you’re a fan of open concept spaces, have you considered an open concept master bedroom and bathroom? This is a trend we’re wary of and will have to watch closely as the year progresses, however some design experts are saying that an open concept master suite, featuring a minimal division between the bedroom and bathroom, is becoming popular. Don’t worry, though, the toilet will still remain behind a closed door in its separate water closet.

Showers should remain more or less the same. Subway tile will continue to trend, as well as built in storage niches and ledges. Curbless showers with “hidden drains” will see an increase in popularity, as well as the highly desired spa-like shower with multiple sprays and sleek glass doors. Bathrooms can provide the perfect opportunity to make a statement without committing to a large area. Fun patterned wallpaper can add drama to an otherwise simple powder room, while funky mirrors act as unique statement pieces allowing these smaller spaces to stand out as jewels on their own.

View our slideshow below to see some of these latest trends in action.

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