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Hot Trend: Cooking Alfresco, the Outdoor Kitchen

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The current health and wellness design movement aims to provide a healthier and more enjoyable daily lifestyle for homeowners. What better way to support that than with a fully functioning, complete outdoor kitchen? The idea of being able to spend time outdoors while cooking is what attracts most people to an outdoor kitchen, and it encourages healthy eating since most outdoor meals consist of fresh produce and a meat or protein of some sort. Additionally, an outdoor area provides the perfect entertaining space where guests can relax while the cook is still nearby and able to mingle. Whether a casual afternoon picnic, or an intimate dinner party under the stars, the versatility of an outdoor kitchen is impressive. It’s a win-win for all!

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Outdoor kitchen design has developed into an art form of its own. Designers and homeowners are increasingly getting behind this movement, and outdoor kitchen design has become so impressive that they sometimes rival their indoor counterparts. They can have nearly all of the same features as an indoor kitchen from cooktops, to grills, to sinks, built in refrigerators, and plenty of countertop prep space, as well as designated dining areas.

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However, since an outdoor kitchen is exposed to the elements, it is critical to select durable materials that will hold up against the weather. Cabinetry should be water resistant, such as marine-grade options like Polymer board that will not soak up water and expand. Stainless steel cabinetry is also extremely durable. For countertops, suitable options include granite, concrete, ceramic or porcelain tile. These options are water resistant and unlikely to fade from direct sunlight. Some sort of pergola or canopy over the outdoor kitchen is also a precautionary measure to protect against the elements and provide shade while cooking and eating. Have an outdoor kitchen or eating area? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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