• Lorey Cavanaugh

Good Things Come in Small Packages - Including Kitchens

Small kitchens that are packed with organizational features are just as efficient as larger kitchens.

The popular sentiment, “good things come in small packages”, can be very true when it comes to kitchen design. A large kitchen does not necessarily equal a great kitchen. In fact, smaller kitchens often require more thoughtful planning to maximize storage, countertop area, organization, etc. leading to a carefully designed space that utilizes every square inch.

Opening up the wall between the kitchen and dining room in this home made a dramatic difference.

There are a multitude of design tactics that can be used to make a small kitchen both functional and beautiful. One way to make a small kitchen feel larger is by knocking down the wall separating the kitchen from the dining or family room. While this may not technically increase the square footage of the kitchen, the space will still feel larger once it’s opened up to an adjacent room.

Grouping the refrigerator and pantry cabinet together creates more open space in the remainder of this galley kitchen.

Grouping tall cabinetry and appliances together and allowing the remaining area to hold continuous countertop space will make a small kitchen function better. A tall pantry cabinet, refrigerator, and built-in double oven cabinet all located in different corners of the kitchen can make the kitchen feel more closed. By locating these tall components next to one another, the rest of the kitchen can be devoted to base and upper cabinetry, the sink, and windows. In addition, flanking a window above the sink with either open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets rather than heavy upper cabinetry can give the space a brighter and more open feel.

Packing drawers and cabinetry with as many organizational features as possible increases the functionality of a small kitchen. Base cabinetry components like spice racks, roll-out shelves, and LeMan’s pullouts will keep commonly used items easily accessible so you don’t have to dig around to find things. Tray dividers and utensil trays can also make a huge difference in maximizing the storage and organizational space in your cabinets and drawers.

LeMan's pullouts are shaped like a kidney bean and pull out from base cabinetry.

A small kitchen may be more challenging to design, but with careful consideration, it’s possible to achieve a beautiful, functional, and organized kitchen with a smaller footprint. Opening up the space to adjacent rooms, considering the location of cabinetry and appliances, letting natural light in with windows, and utilizing organizational features can improve the efficiency of a small kitchen.

A large window and crisp white color scheme helps to make this tiny kitchen feel bright and airy.


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