• Lorey Cavanaugh

Five Luxury Features For Your Kitchen

If you’re considering a renovation, or just looking to add some luxurious elements to the kitchen you have now, consider these five features that will transform any kitchen into a highly functional, organized, and beautiful space. Don't forget to take a look at the gallery below!

Under Cabinet Lighting- Whether you’re making a midnight snack and just need some soft lighting, or you’re entertaining and need a well-lit cook space, under cabinet lighting will do the trick. Ample lighting will brighten up any dark and dreary kitchen.

Organizational Pullouts- Various pullouts and organizational features can make cooking a breeze. Lemans pullouts offer a place to store pots and pans that is easily accessible, spice racks and pull out pantry cabinets take up minimal space and organize products vertically so that they are not hiding behind one another, and utensil and plate organizers keep everything neatly tucked away in cabinets.

Counter Compost- Counter compost bins are a neat idea for a sustainable kitchen. These allow you to chop fruits and veggies on your counter and brush the scraps away right into the bin. Who knew being ecofriendly was this easy?

Pot Fillers- If you are a pasta lover, a pot filler above the range is a must! Instead of walking across the kitchen with a heavy pot full of water, pot fillers allow you to fill the pot right as it sits on your stove. This is ideal for anything that needs to be boiled, like pasta or vegetables.

Double ovens/Warming Drawers- Convenient for entertaining, double ovens and warming drawers provide several ways to heat up food when entertaining a large crowd. Think about how easy cooking Thanksgiving Dinner would be with extra ovens!

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