• Lorey Cavanaugh

Feathering Our Nest: KBDC Field Trip to SoHo, NYC

A couple of times a year, our design staff gets a little stir crazy and needs to fly the coop (so to speak) and head out to see what's happening in the world of design beyond our little office in West Hartford, Connecticut. Our designers will often take mini-field trips to local vendors and explore an area tile store or plumbing showroom, but when the vagabond spirit bites, a trip beyond our local area is in store.

Such a trip was taken by our design staff in April with a trip to New York city visiting the interactive home design showroom, Pirch, in SoHo. Pirch is a design Mecca, 32,000 square feet of kitchen, bath and outdoor living envy, making up the majority of a 7-story building in the heart of SoHo. Our staff were treated to delicious treats throughout the day made in house by the Pirch Executive Chef and were able to test drive everything from showerheads to grills to double ovens and cooktops. Almost all of the displays on view at Pirch are able to be turned on, opened, touched and drooled over.

The displays are high-end, beautifully detailed and feature the latest and greatest from the design arena. The day our team visited was overcast, and while the skies spared no one its April showers, they had a delightful time moving from floor to floor of this emporium accompanied by their Pirch "Life Style Experiences Adviser", seeing, touching, using new products, and were inspired by the many artful vignettes Pirch has to offer.

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