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Engineering Walk Through

Follow Up:

The Engineer was hired to create the proper documents and specifications to build a space that will pass inspections. The design team created a new proposal which answers the clients “wish list” while working around some of the mechanical and structural issue within the space. The revised plan offered an enhanced powder room solution which enlarged the space to include a stack-on washer/dryer unit. Sometimes obstacles present opportunities for thinking out of the box.


Our initial walk through was on a Monday. When we discovered the potential problems, we scheduled a site visit with the Engineer for Wednesday of the same week, as well as having our plumber, electrician, wood flooring contractor and HVAC specialist meet us at the site for their input. The revised design proposal was presented and accepted on Thursday. While we wait for the Engineering drawings to be completed and approved by the town, we will proceed with our material selections.

These sorts of hiccups are not uncommon in the remodeling business. Working with an experienced company who can be agile in responding to these situations is critical to keeping a project on schedule and managing the budget. Because of our long standing relationships with quality subcontractors and professionals (Engineer), we can quickly respond to issues that come up along the way. Because we are contracted to manage all phases of a project, and all subcontractor labor, we can assemble the whole team quickly. Homeowners who are attempting to assemble their own team of subcontractors could never replicate this timeline. Most General Contractors would struggle as well. Another key ingredient is an experienced, specialized design team who can quickly reconfigure a space based on site limitations without requiring a sacrifice of the client’s vision.


Because we work with a 3-D software program we are able to help the homeowner fully understand the space and its characteristics. We are able to “bring them along” quickly because they can actually see the various options and re-designs. At this stage we use the program to understand the special considerations. We use a different drawing program to create detailed construction documents. The benefit is we don’t lose time and money drawing plans that we later discover are impossible or too costly to execute.

Coming Next: Demolition Update

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