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Demolition Update


Demolition went very smoothly, no real surprises. We did confirm our concerns about the previous remodeling work that had taken place. As we surmised, the structural framing, specifically the beams, were significantly undersized. In addition, there were framing members that had been over cut for plumbing or wiring in a way that was out of code and impacting their structural integrity. Because we had studied the rooms with the carpenter and engineer, done some strategic opening of the walls & ceiling & pre-ordered all our building materials we were ready to begin our framing once the plumber, HVAC contractor and electrician had removed everything in the way of the remodeling.


The mechanical portion was done in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. In the following seven days we installed the steel structural beam to replace the seriously undersized beam between the kitchen and former breakfast room, installed the beam and removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen (what a difference that made!!) and installed two new beams where we are creating a new first floor bath and laundry. Next comes the installation of one new window, relocation of one window and closing up of two windows, final roughing in of the plumbing and electrical prior to inspections, insulation & sheet rock.

We did demolition of the second floor master bath at the same time we were doing the kitchen below. While we were doing mechanical tear outs on the first floor we completed the framing and rough mechanicals for the master bath. While were busy framing the first floor we have gotten a jump start on completing the master bath. It has been inspected and insulated and is now being sheet rocked. Next comes tile – floor, custom shower base and shower walls.

Additional Issues:

In addition to the framing being problematic we discovered that the plumbing drain lines had insufficient pitch. The homeowner had complained of drainage issues. This would explain it. We had anticipated this issue and included in our contract the re-plumbing of the hall bath that was not in our contract to remodel. While we had full access from below we were able to correct the drainage problem.

Coming Up: Design Choices

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