• Lorey Cavanaugh

Color Trends of 2018

A recent article from Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine, “Bold & Beautiful”, highlights the current shift in popularity from pale, neutral colors to warmer, bolder hues for interior design. This shift can be associated with an increased confidence in the economy, people wanting to brighten up their homes and take greater design risks, as well as just needing a change; enough of the pale greys and off-whites of the last few years!

Kitchen & Bath Design News Magazine states that another main influence on interior design is fashion, “... fashion always influences design and the runway was showing many super-saturated colors this year.” Designers and homeowners are opting for more saturated and vibrant, yet easy to live with shades, such as teal and other jewel-tones. Crimson, aged lavender, cobalt and espresso brown are among the colors seen on the rise in popularity.

Color choice may also be influenced by one’s personal design style. Kitchen and bath design with an emphasis on luxury, for example, may utilize jewel-tones paired with soft, velvety colors and rich texture. A kitchen or bath inspired by health and well-being may have a more nature-inspired color scheme with bright, natural hues, while tech-savvy homeowners may be more likely to favor pastel colors with lacquer and glow, or create an all-white space with one bold accent color used throughout.

Are you looking for ways to add color to your home? See the slideshow below for examples of ways we have incorporated some of these trending hues into our client projects!

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