• Lorey Cavanaugh

Classic Master Bathroom Remodel Update

Things are moving along at our master bathroom remodel! However, no renovation goes off without a hitch. Last week we had the town inspector come by to check on our progress in the bathroom, and were informed that the drain for the toilet is going to be too close to the finished wall. The code requires a space of at least 15 inches between the drain and the wall (horizontally), and after drywall is installed we would come just shy of that. Our Project Manager, Stephanie, and Assistant Project Manager, Nate, talked through possible solutions to this problem together and discovered a sheet rock product that is only ½ inch thick. This will be thin enough to accommodate the 15 inch space that is needed. Hopefully this will be able to solve the problem and we can move forward. As of right now, work continues as we move on to repair the old subfloor that has been cut through to expose the plumbing. Plywood will be laid down to make the subfloor sturdy, and a thick layer of mud will then be added on top of the subfloor to prep for tile installation. There is never a dull moment when renovating an older home. More updates to follow as promised!

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