• Lorey Cavanaugh

Classic Master Bathroom Remodel: Before

Here at KBDC we are always looking for ways to keep our clients and friends updated on what’s going on with our current projects. Luckily, by blogging, we are able to do just that! Within the next couple of months, we are going to take you start to finish through one of our latest master bathroom remodels. Take a peek at the before pictures to get a better sense of what we are working with.

This dated, 1980s bathroom, was originally a bedroom in this old English cottage-style home. Over thirty years after the transformation of this space, the bathroom is starting to show its age. The odd layout doesn’t take full advantage of the oversized bathroom, and with the gigantic bathtub, the space feels cramped. The pedestal sinks don’t provide storage and look too small for such a large area. Aside from the layout, the room is not in keeping with the rest of the home and the tile and fixtures have seen better days.

Our demo team completely gutted the space down to its original subfloor and framing. It is important to strip down the room to its bare bones so that you are not layering new materials on top of old. You may also uncover issues from the past that have been hidden. In this case, we discovered old (inactive) knob-and-tube wiring that needs to be removed. Removing all layers of flooring can be somewhat challenging as well. In this case, underneath the bathroom tile, was another layer of hardwood before getting to the original subfloor.

We have big plans for this bathroom! The biggest change will be sectioning off a part of the room near the hallway door to create a separate laundry room. We’ll also be adding vanities along the far wall with a bench connecting them for added storage. The shower will be totally redesigned as well. Stay tuned for more updates on the progression of this job from beginning to the final after pictures. The transformation will be outstanding!

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