• Lorey Cavanaugh

Can you guess the Age of these Projects?

We love sharing photos of our recently finished projects loaded with the latest features, but what about work from years past? Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction has been in business since 1990, so we have seen our fair share of design trends come and go. Today we’re sharing five of our older kitchen and bathroom projects. See if you can guess the year of each and scroll to the bottom for the answers!

1. Traditional Two-Toned

This traditional kitchen features two toned cabinetry with crisp white on the perimeter and a stained wood island.

Photo by KBDC

2. Ornate Luxury

This luxurious kitchen features traditional cabinetry with decorative details. Polished black Granite countertops give the space a high-end feel.

Photo by KBDC

3. Pop of Color

Bright green walls pop against wooden cabinetry in this master bathroom.

Photo by Olson Photographic

4. Simplicity

This simple bathroom has a blue and white color scheme, perfect for relaxing.

Photo by KBDC

5. Timeless Design

This kitchen certainly withstands the test of time, still coordinating with current trends.

Photo by Chrissy Racho


1. 1999 (20 years old)

2. 2004 (15 years old)

3. 2006 (13 years old)

4. 2002 (17 years old)

5. 2003 (16 years old)

Did any of these trick you? Or were your guesses pretty close? Let us know in the comments below!


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