• Lorey Cavanaugh

Best Practice: Boost Luxury & Value with Auxiliary Spaces

A wet bar in the kitchen can be set up with food and beverages for entertaining guests.

A prominent topic of discussion at a recent Kitchen & Bath Design News seminar attended by our design staff, was incorporating auxiliary spaces into a kitchen or bathroom. Auxiliary spaces come in many different forms –wet bars or built-in desks are among the most common, while other kitchen spaces include a baking station or coffee bar. Master bath/ bedroom spaces might include a coffee bar or beverage center.

This master suite coffee bar has a mini refrigerator, coffee maker, and iHome.

Incorporating one of these secondary areas into a renovation project is a thoughtful addition. A wet bar provides extra countertop area for setting up drinks and food for entertaining, while a coffee bar, a twist on the classic wet bar, is well suited for everyday use. A coffee bar can be a great addition to a master bathroom, bedroom, or guest suite as well so that morning cup of coffee is at the ready.

A built-in desk or command center is another common ancillary space. Having a desk in the kitchen keeps the kitchen table free of clutter and provides a casual spot for everyday tasks like paying bills, printing recipes or sending emails. Consider adding organizational features to stash away stationary, mail, paper products, and even the printer!

These spaces can be customized to meet personal needs including appliance garages, pull out shelves, magnetic strips to organize spices, and open nooks to store cookbooks to name a few.

Auxiliary spaces are distinctive additions that can add to the overall enjoyment of a kitchen or bathroom, and can make an otherwise typical space extraordinary, dramatically increasing its functionality.

Have you ever thought about incorporating one of these features into your home? Let us know in the comments below.


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