• Lorey Cavanaugh

Back to School: Top 5 Command Centers to Control Clutter

A built-in desk provides concealed storage and blends cohesively with the rest of this light & bright kitchen.

School is back in session, fall sports and activities are in full gear, and the busy holiday season will soon be upon us. Combatting the endless clutter of school projects, mail, bills, lists, and calendars that accumulate around this time of year can seem like a full-time job. Incorporating a family command center into the kitchen can help organize these and prevent them from ending up strewn about the kitchen. Put some of these family command center ideas to work in your kitchen to help achieve optimal organization.

A rollout drawer keeps this wireless printer out of sight.

1. Built-in Desk – Incorporating a desk in the kitchen, whether built-in or free standing, provides plenty of concealed storage and a clean work surface for writing notes or helping with homework. For a built-in, using the same cabinetry style and/or countertop material as the rest of the kitchen will give the space a cohesive look

2. Hidden Printer – Let’s face it – printers are bulky, ugly and can be an eyesore in the kitchen. An innovative solution to hide wireless printers but keep them easily accessible is to store them in a rollout drawer in a desk cabinet.

A clever use of typically unused space - a chalk board and dry erase board keeps this young family organized.

3. Chalkboards & Dry Erase Boards – To cut back on the endless lists you have floating around the house, consider adding a chalkboard or dry erase board to your kitchen where you can write grocery lists or other important notes to remember. The boards pictured here are integrated into the refrigerator side panel.

A custom designed command center is easily hidden by retractable doors.

4. Cork Boards – Along with chalkboards and dry erase boards, cork boards can also aid in organizing the kitchen. Pinning up calendars, notes, photos or all the other miscellaneous “stuffcan prevent accumulating clutter on countertops.

Hanging calendars, notes or photos on cork boards is a decorative way to organize these items.

5. Hidden Command Center – A hidden command center with retractable doors keeps clutter completely out of sight. This custom designed command center features open shelving, outlets for charging electronics, a rollout printer, and space to hang calendars.


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