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A Dog's Kitchen

Behind the Scenes Concept Drawings
As part of our in-depth design process, we like to help our clients visualize what their new space could look like using 3D drawings, and I thought it would be interesting for you to see concept drawings of projects we're working on. In the next few posts we will show you some of these "behind the scenes" drawings. In this first "behind the scenes" post are drawings of a kitchen designed for a couple who have a pair of really BIG dogs whose food/watering needs they wanted incorporated into the design. A dog owner myself, I love it when I get to design something for my four legged friends.

This is a small kitchen, so it is important to make use of every inch of space, especially given the request to accommodate their dogs. Utilizing the space under the window, we created a small console table with a surprise hidden inside...feeding bowls are stored inside the "drawer". Here is an overhead view of the kitchen. The original, existing space is closed off from the dining room, and very segmented. We have proposed removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room and also opening up the doorway that leads from the dining room to the family room for a greater sense of openness. Rather than an island, for which there is not enough space, we utilize a peninsula that can seat three.

This view shows the space looking into the kitchen from the dining room. Using a combination of open shelving and various sized cabinetry, we create a cohesive and unified look that adds interest as well as storage. Here is one way we chose to address the peninsula, adding cubbies that could be used for wine bottles, water bottles or other items. We have seating on one side and a work station on the other.

Here come the dogs! Ready for their meal, the two can easily eat together side by side. When not in use, the drawer can be closed and dishes hidden from view. An older home, we proposed using period style light fixtures and kept with a simpler door style, cup pulls and vintage style cabinet latches. Bon appetite! Woof

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