• Lorey Cavanaugh

6 Wellness Features for your Shower

Ah, there’s nothing quite like unwinding at the end of the day in a hot shower. Most of us can agree that a luxury shower with all of the bells and whistles is something on a dream bathroom wish list. With personal wellness being such a hot trend for 2020, we’re outlining several features for the shower that can enhance overall showering experience, leaving one feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

A large shower with a clear glass door or panel feels bright and open.

1. Generously Proportioned Showers

Homeowners are increasingly opting for a larger shower and foregoing a bathtub, particularly for the master bath. A large shower with a glass door or panel will feel less claustrophobic, and also offers the opportunity to make it a more architecturally interesting component rather than the typical shower.

2. Smart Features

Technology is making its way into shower design. Features such as temperature presets, voice control, music, adjustable lighting and app-controlled components are all options that can enhance your overall showering experience.

3. Unique Lighting

Incorporating LED lighting into the shower can enhance the sensory experience and set the mood. Can you imagine how relaxing dim lighting and a steam shower would be every night?!

This bathroom features a curbless shower with a herringbone marble floor.

4. Curbless Showers

An increasingly popular trend in bathroom design is curbless, universally accessible showers. These showers that lack a threshold make it easier to get in and out for a seated user or someone with limited mobility. They are also becoming popular due in part to their simple, sleek look.

5. Shower Benches

Having a place to sit in the shower will dramatically increase functionality and comfort. Options include a built-in bench, fold-down seat or a stand-alone teak seat. All are ideal for sitting and enjoying a steamy shower and can make washing and grooming easier.

A fold-down shower seat offers easier washing and grooming.

6. Body Sprays & Multiple Showerheads

We saved the best for last – multiple shower heads and various body sprays. Combining a traditional shower head with an additional handheld one, body sprays, and/or a rainfall shower head ensures that you’ll never be cold as water is directed towards you from multiple angles. Multiple sprays will recreated a true spa-like experience.

One of our most luxurious shower designs features a combination of various showerheads and body sprays.

What options would you like to incorporate into your dream shower? Tell us in the comments below. Contemplating your own master bath renovation? We’d love to help you, give our design specialists a call today.


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