• Lorey Cavanaugh

5 Must Have Kitchen Remodel Features

Last month I was included in an article in West Hartford Life Magazine regarding kitchen remodel features. Below are my five must-have features to consider if you’re looking to make your kitchen extra-luxe, efficient and stand out from the rest.

  1. Oversized Sink- Deep sinks are useful for soaking dirty pots and pans or making meals that require dirtying a lot of cooking tools.

  2. Soft- Closing Hinges- Soft-closing hinges reduce the risk of pinching fingers in cabinet doors and drawers. They also prevent accidental slamming by softly and gradually closing shut on their own.

  3. Multiple Sinks- Kitchens with multiple cooks will benefit greatly from having an auxiliary sink which will increase the overall functionality of the space.

  4. Extra Lighting- Lighting should reflect and support the many activities that take place in a kitchen. Task lighting, general room illumination and decorative lighting are all important forms to consider.

  5. Appliance Garage- Appliance garages offer convenient out of sight storage for small countertop appliances such as toasters and blenders while still keeping them plugged in and ready to go.

A kitchen remodel is a serious investment and should be planned for properly and carefully. Mistakes or oversights can be costly and lead to delays in completion. Working with a knowledgeable professional who specializes in kitchen design can help alleviate any problems with overall functionality and ultimately increase your enjoyment of the new space and satisfaction with the remodeling experience.

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