• Lorey Cavanaugh

5 Costly Kitchen Mistakes

Planning a kitchen renovation can be a daunting much should you spend? When should you start? Who should you hire? It’s easy to get overwhelmed! Design-build firms like KBDC try their best to keep jobs in order and stay on budget, but want homeowners to know it’s a two way street. An article from Professional Remodeler mentions a recent survey of 300 general contractors nation-wide published by Consumer Reports that detailed seven kitchen remodeling mistakes made by consumers that were likely to cause major problems down the road. Here are some things to avoid as a client:

1. Changing your mind

60 percent of the contractors interviewed said that clients that change their minds frequently can drive up costs by an average of ten percent.

2. Skipping background checks

Hiring unlicensed contractors is never smart. Licensed contractors are legally obligated to guarantee their work and are generally better at handling unexpected problems.

3.Using open-ended contracts

Contracts need to be clear and precise, detailing every material used and start/end dates. This is important to ensure that the client gets exactly what they asked/paid for.

4.Forgetting functionality

When it comes to the actual design of the kitchen, consider functionality first. Under cabinet lighting, organizational features/pullouts, and pot fillers are just a few features that can increase functionality dramatically.

5.Relying on rough sketches

Utilizing 3D design software enables the homeowner to immerse themselves in a new space before the real work even begins. This also prevents traffic flow problems that may go unnoticed in a rough sketch.

Working with knowledgeable professionals can help to avoid these mistakes, and you’re likely to have a much more pleasant experience. Of course, minor hiccups are part of the remodeling process, but if planned for properly by licensed and experienced specialists there should never be any catastrophes. Here at KBDC, we utilize an extensive and detailed process, striving to make each renovation run smoothly and pain-free with our client’s end results firmly in mind. As we’re fond of saying, with KBDC “it all falls into place…”

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