• Lorey Cavanaugh

3 Global Design Movements to Maximize Comfort & Simplicity

With millennials and empty nesters alike seeking smaller residences and a simpler and more environmentally conscious lifestyle, global influences of minimalist design styles are trending among American homeowners. More and more individuals are looking to create a home that is a sanctuary, a place of refuge after a long day of work, rather than the impersonal, oversized mansions we had seen in the last decade. Hygee, Lagom , and Wabi Sabi are among the global styles that seek to create a clutter-free and simplistic home.

Hygee (Denmark) - Hygee, pronounced (hoo-gah), means to be in touch with your innate need for physical and emotional comfort. It is not so much a style as it is a feeling. To achieve this warm, welcoming atmosphere and make your home a place of quiet refuge, try incorporating the following design ideas:

-Fresh flowers


-Scandinavian inspired furniture

-Treasured personal items

-Natural organic materials

-Kitchen “sofas”- a regular couch with legs replaced for ones more suitable for dining height and increased durability

-For the bath, Steam shower with large, separate soaking tub and bidet style toilet features

Lagom (Sweden) - Lagom is a design style from Sweden that emphasizes the importance of having the “optimal” amount of items in your home; not too much and not too little. Smart purchasing and sustainability are key components. Lagom avoids clutter and incorporates personal items by making them functional as well, such as an heirloom hutch used for storage. To design with Lagom in mind, incorporate the following:

-Clear space; a less is more mentality

-Airy layouts with plenty of natural light

-Neutral colors

-Family heirlooms/treasured items

-Simple appliances and fixtures

Wabi Sabi (Japan) - Relaxed living is strongly encouraged by the Japanese through Wabi Sabi. This design style embraces the rustic imperfections that are present in nearly every home while forgoing formality and fuss. To make your home Wabi Sabi friendly, try incorporating the following:

-Muted color tones

-Color palettes based on white and earth tones

-Organizational systems to cut back on clutter

-Texture and the beauty of “imperfections” that can be found in materials such as wood or handmade tile

Bonus Tip: Bring in the Outdoors

Greenery is being incorporated more and more in interior design, particularly kitchens, and is a main component in simplistic styles like Hygee. Live greenery is being integrated by home chefs through kitchen gardens, imagine growing your own herbs right next to your cook top! Other home spaces may see the addition of a greenery wall. Flowers and potted plants are commonly used as decor pieces in both kitchens and baths. They not only liven up the room visually, but literally purify the air. If you don’t think you can keep up with plant maintenance, opt for trendy, easy to care for succulents, whether faux or real, that can easily add a splash of green to your space.

Please view our gallery of Hygee, Lagom and Wabi Sabi design ideas below for more inspiration.

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