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  • Lorey Cavanaugh

2018 Trend Recap: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Warmer color schemes will trend in 2019.

If you’ve read our recent blog, “2019 Interior Design Trends”, you may be wondering what’s happening to all of the predicted interior design trends from last year. Will some stick around? Which predicted trends were successful and which were unsuccessful? Continue reading on for interior design successes and failures of 2018.

Successes/Continued Trends

1. Rich Jewel Tones/Bold Colors- The rich hues we saw in 2018 will continue to trend throughout 2019. Deep greens, navy blues, rich reds, and grape are among these. Don’t be surprised to see more small pops of color in overall neutral spaces.

2. Smart Home Technology & Smart Appliances- Technology is advancing rapidly every day and for that reason smart home features and appliances are a continuing trend and remain highly desirable. Smart home products are still a luxury that may seem out of reach for most, but as time goes on, owning these will become the norm. Smart appliances such as refrigerators and ovens, as well as smart home technology including security systems, WiFi controlled thermostats and lighting will be most popular.

3. Floral Fabrics & Wallpaper- Wallpaper is making a BIG comeback! In 2018 we started to see wallpaper incorporated subtly in small spaces. Fun patterns, especially floral prints, were most popular in 2018 and will remain so into 2019.

4. Light/Natural Wood- Light wood with a natural finish was something we saw often incorporated into designs in 2018 in various ways. Hardwood floors, floating wood shelves, light wood furniture, and even wood countertops were huge. This organic design element is another highly successful trend that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Failures/Discontinued Trends

1. All Grey Everything- The past few years have consisted of grey, grey and more grey. The all grey color schemes are finally on their way out. If you can’t seem to let go of grey, opt for shades with brown or blue undertones that are a bit warmer.

2. Industrial Kitchens- Say goodbye to exposed plumbing, cage lighting, and materials void of color or texture. Industrial kitchens proved to be a failure in 2018 with the sterile atmosphere they provided and will be replaced in 2019 with warmer, livelier kitchen designs.

3. Brass Fixtures- 2018 saw a resurgence of brass, however this trend could easily be overdone if used everywhere, especially in bathrooms, with brass faucets, brass shower heads, and brass cabinetry hardware. This year’s trend is more of a balance with mixed metal accents; though don’t combine more than two or three different metals in the same space.

4. Real & Faux Succulents- a trend you either loved or hated. All the rage last year but experts say that this look will soon die. Sorry, succulents!