• Lorey Cavanaugh

12 Steps to Ready for Construction

A remodeling project can be stressful and disruptive to one’s daily routine. We take this very seriously and work hard to create an environment within the construction area that works for everyone in the home, even the family pets. Our Project Management team goes over build expectations carefully with our clients at the start of each project. This is a chance for our team to go over what will be happening during the renovation, and also address any questions, concerns, apprehensions or special needs the client may have.

So besides preparing for the inevitable noise, dust, and string of contractors coming into one’s home, how does one prepare for the upheaval of a renovation? Here’s a little check list to hit the highlights:

1. Determine access and parking for trucks and dumpsters

2. Locate a place for a dumpster (if needed)

3. Choose a set entrance to place a lockbox for contractor access

4. Decide a set restroom for contractor use, or establish a location for a portable restroom (port- a-potty).

5. Choose a set up/work area for your contractors (for saws, etc.).

6. What areas of the house are off limits?

7. Where will project materials be stored?

8. Put into place a protection plan; place plastic sheeting over doorways to minimize dust, plan to crate pets or designate a room away from the construction area to keep them, make sure children know not go into the construction area or play in the vicinity.

9. Note existing conditions of the area.

10. For a kitchen renovation, where/how will a temporary kitchen be set up?

11. Keep the lines of communication open, addressing issues when they arise, not weeks later. If you are unhappy about something, bring it to your contractor or Project Manager's attention. Don’t let things fester which can, over time, make mountains out of mole hills.

12. Visualize the end result and the beautiful space taking shape in your home, not so much on the mess and chaos of the remodeling process, (and yes this may be the most difficult item on this checklist).

Remodeling is a messy business, especially when one is living in the home during construction. Know that this too shall pass, life will return to normal once the project has been completed. Some view this as a time to clean out the old in order to make room for the new. It can be a cathartic experience. As we are fond of saying, “it all falls into place…”

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